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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Random Boy" - Edie Yvonne

Have you ever felt guilty for getting vengeance on someone? Edie Yvonne’s, Random Boy, reflects on a boy on the train that did something to make her upset. Although it is not clear as to what was done to make her feel this way, Edie does reveal that she did do something to get revenge. However, she constantly overthinks this act and goes back and forth between saying, “I made a mistake”, to threatening him with, “Don’t forget, I know your name.” Edie uses this song as her way of speaking directly to this mystery boy, and realizing that she didn’t deserve what he did to her, and in order for him to learn that, she gets even.

A lot of the time, it's the nicest and innocent people that get treated wrong, which makes sense seeing Edie go back and forth saying that getting revenge on this boy was a “mistake” and wasn’t. We see her call him out of his name multiple times and threaten him with more revenge if he attempts to do anything else because she says, “I’ve been counting your mistakes”, as well as, “Don’t forget, I know your name.” Throughout the song, we hear a steady beat with the guitar and drums. We see Edie admitting to a “mistake” she made involving the boy on the train, but once she realizes that it was rather an act of fair vengeance, the beat slows down. This is when we hear her say, “To a random boy on the train. Don't forget, I know your name. Random boy on the train. I wrote a little song.” Soon after this, the beat picks back up, the instrumentation becomes louder, she projects her voice and then says, “Fuck you. Quit playing dumb, you know what you’ve done. You’re never going nowhere, but I really don’t care, you piece of shit.” This “Random Boy” on the train was at fault for starting some issues with Edie, and this song is a warning for him to never try that again.

Edie Yvonne is a 14 year old singer, songwriter and actress based in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 13 and during the pandemic, she wrote an album titled, “At Ease” which is also the title of a short film that she starred in. Another one of her songs titled, "With the Light" is written about her character in that film. At the age of 14, she released this song which happened to be her first song. According to her Spotify page, she currently has 334 monthly listeners. Make sure to check out more of Edie’s music by following her on her journey with the links below, as well as listen to “Random Boy” out now on Spotify and Apple Music!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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