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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Rather Be Lonely" - PHNTMS

We’re in this new age of technology, letting new devices and social media platforms rule our time and attract our attention. We’re pressed to our phones, not even daring to go a day without them, and we’re losing valuable human connection because of it. Now we can say that we’re gaining friends, people, and connections when pressing our eyes to our phone screens but are we? This new track by PHNTMS titled “Rather Be Lonely” addresses the idea that people nowadays would instead make connections through our social media platforms than embrace everything we love in the real world.

There’s something utterly satisfying about connecting with others face-to-face, enjoying their presence, and ignoring this constant urge to be tuned in to everything happening in the world. However, in “Rather Be Lonely” PHNTMS mentions the way people choose to ignore that satisfaction by singing, “Are you searching for that thing you never find?”. They show how people would rather sacrifice their human connection for a day on the internet, not understanding that what they’re looking for isn’t on their phones. This song is wrapped up in a pop-rock sound, energetically pushing this opinion into the world and shedding light on this realization that society likes to ignore.

PHNTMS is a Philadelphia and Los Angeles-based LGBT+ alternative rock group that desires to enamor people’s minds with funky and captivating tracks. They collaborate to create the perfect ratio of emotion, grit, and unforgettable lyrics to bring in an audience that won’t leave. They like to hone their sound somewhere between arena rock and the classic feeling of 60’s soul singers. While doing that, they’ve managed to create mind-capturing music such as this newest release, “Rather Be Lonely” and the one that preceded it, “Paper Flowers”.

Written by Jane Katryn



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