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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Rather Kill My Feelings" - Flora Summers

“Rather Kill My Feelings” is a delicate ballad that showcases the more raw and emotional side of Flora Summers. The vulnerable track details the artist’s uncanny nature to shut people out the moment she begins to develop feelings. Throughout the track, the poetic lyrics illustrate her constant struggle with self-sabotage and the unrelenting pain she puts herself through. In the chorus, she sings the hook: “I wanted to say that I think that you’re amazing// But I’d rather kill my feelings.” Summers admits that she wants to allow herself to fall in love. She craves the healthy, head-over-heels love that she sees in the couples around her, but she feels it is not in the cards for her. So instead, she swallows her true feelings and rejects these thoughts. Rather than confessing the truth, she pretends they do not exist in an attempt to preserve her heart. Summers eloquently describes her experience, allowing the audience to effortlessly resonate with her insightful words. With “Rather Kill My Feelings”, Summers has once again proven her remarkable songwriting talent and further boosted my appreciation for her music. Her soothing vocals perfectly accentuate the melancholic lyrics, making the song another phenomenal track by the singer.

While “Rather Kill My Feelings” maintains Summers’ iconic indie-pop sound, she strips the production down to a gloomier atmosphere. From the moment the track begins, the audience is introduced to the wistful and ethereal soundscape. The intro consists of a moody guitar with a subtle reverb that is quickly met with Summers’s angelic voice. The soft vocals effortlessly captivate the listener, leaving them completely mesmerized by her talent. The reverb is used on her voice as well, creating an empty hallway effect. This production detail helps symbolize the feelings of loneliness and emptiness described throughout the track. With her stunning vocal harmonies, Summers has once again left her listeners stunned by the angelic quality of her voice. In the background, subtle synth sound effects and airy waves are heard, providing an additional dynamic to the song. As the song inches closer to the end, these synth sounds intensify to emphasize the climax. While the song is flawless on its own, it is highly recommended to listen with headphones. This provides an isolated effect, allowing you to drift away with the delicate production as it lulls you into a place of comfort despite the somber lyrics. “Rather Kill My Feelings” is a self-written and self-produced track, highlighting Summer’s remarkable talent and making fans anticipate her upcoming debut EP even more.


Flora Summers is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Sweden. “Rather Kill My Feelings” is the fourth and final single from her upcoming EP, Obsessions, which is set to release on March 1, 2024. Summers is one-half of the electro-pop duo, Isle of You. The duo was nominated for Artist of the Future in Swedish Radio for the P3 Guld Awards. Through her art, she aspires to create music that is honest and personal—something that is authentically her. Her sound is a beautiful blend of indie-folk and pop, drawing inspiration from other artists from the genre, such as Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine, and Angel Olsen. Summers has been featured on prominent Spotify playlists, such as New Music Friday (Sweden and Iceland), På Repeat, Made In Sweden, Aktuellt, Från Norr till Söder, EQUAL, and more. She has also been featured on respected media platforms such as Nöjesguiden, HYMN, CLOUT, and Alfitude. Follow her on all socials to keep updated with her music and mark your calendars for her debut EP!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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