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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Rebel" - Daniel Steer

Sometimes I think about changing my name. Lolita or Yolanda; some name that still ends in an ‘A’. Changing my name and just creating a new identity for myself altogether, and just rolling with it. Sometimes I just need a temporary break from being me – from my established routine. Daniel Steer’s “Rebel” understands this need all too well.

"Rebel" is a Country-Pop track with light Rock instrumentalists all throughout to hammer home this freedom anthem. The single begins with smooth acoustic guitar strumming and heavy drum tromping – almost emulating the tone of an old-school western showdown. But suddenly Steer’s soulful voice slices through the tone and becomes the showstopper. The melody Steer carries across the chorus and verses is a joyful rebellion that rises in vibrato; it’s a call for people to break free of their everyday mundane routine.

Teignmouth native, Daniel Steer, is a singer, songwriter, producer, and musician. In his teens, the artist fronted the Indie-Rock band, The Quails. This eventually led to Steer becoming the front man for the Rock band, Reigning Days, his most recognizable position. His wide range of collaborated works have been featured on multiple platforms such as radio, television, film, and advertising. During the pandemic and subsequent lockdown in 2020, Steer focused on producing solo projects – giving listeners “Rebel”, one of the many solo creations set to release this year. Listeners can eagerly wait for more and keep up with Steer’s work by following his socials!

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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