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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Red Flags" - Abz Winter

Abz Winter is a fierce and powerful singer-songwriter. She brings not only her talent but her vulnerability to the table in her new single, "Red Flags". The song dives into what its like to be in a relationship with someone who has the characteristics of a narcissist. "Red Flags," does not merely talk about the effects of being in a relationship with such a person, but the journey of piecing together all of their red flags and discovering that this person is not right for you. Abz Winter takes listeners along on this journey, with the help of clever lyrics and catchy melodies.

Although, "Red Flags", feels personal due to its content and vulnerability, the song still gives off a full band sound. The song opens with an upbeat and steady rhythm provided by the electric guitar. Entering the verse the song's instrumentals slowly build creating a natural anticipation for the chorus that is about to occur. Getting to the chorus is a cathartic experience for listeners due to both the powerful vocals and powerful instrumentals. The song's energy and natural transitions work to drive home the emotional content Abz Winter is putting into her song.

Abz Winter is a singer-songwriter who is confident in the art she is making. Her style and vulnerability that she inserts into her music shows that Abz Winter truly is using her confidence to make the best sounding music possible. Abz's music is both unique and refreshing as it plays with both the genres of pop and rock. Her ability to make use of the characteristics of these genres makes her music not only unique to her, but unique among the masses. Her voice brings another strong element to her music. Her ability to sing with tonal variety and passion make her songs feel all the more truthful and vulnerable. Using her talent and confidence Abz Winter is making her mark in the world of music.

Written By Alison Holst


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