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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Red Flags" - Brian Walker

Brian Walker is starting off 2023 strong with his new single, “Red Flags.” This catchy new song focuses on a subject we all can relate to—red flags and toxic relationships. Attraction can be a monster, causing us to be involved with people giving off toxic vibes. No matter hard we try to manifest positive, healthy relationships, there’s always someone to come along waving their red flags. Drawing inspiration from a past relationship, Walker explores the feelings that come with being involved with a toxic lover. Walker pairs the song with a stunning music video, driving home the message of the song.

Walker has created a masterpiece, a song worthy of adding to our playlists and playing on repeat. Sticking to his commercial pop style, “Red Flags” is composed of synth beats and memorable melodies. His intoxicating vocals deliver lyrics describing the toxic tendencies of his former lover. Walker had this to say about the song: “I wrote this song based off of one of my past relationships. Over the summer a few years ago, I was hanging out with this girl, and there were a lot of red flags that came up. I found myself in a lot of lose-lose situations, and I was getting a lot of toxic vibes while hanging out with her. Months later I came up with this beat and was going through my lyric concepts (I now have over 600 unreleased lyric ideas on my phone), and I felt that this "Red Flags" concept was the lyric idea that felt most naturally fit with this beat.” Using these sexy melodies and infectious pop beats, red flags never sounded so good.

Brian Walker is a rising pop star known for his extravagant, self-directed music videos. He writes, produces, and records his music in his home studio and often draws from his personal experiences for his lyrics. While Walker’s melodies lean more toward commercial pop, his beats and harmonies draw inspiration from many genres and time periods. Walker released his first single, “Conflicted,” in 2018 and has since been featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds,” “Fresh Finds Pop,” “New Music Friday Indonesia,” and “Fresh Finds Indonesia” playlists, as well as 92.5 The River. He has also collaborated with DJ/producer, Eskei83, on Walker’s single, “My Letter.” Walker is constantly on tour and has performed over 550 shows since 2017. He is a “one-man-band,” singing some songs with his guitar and piano, some with a looper, and some with backing tracks during live shows.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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