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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "RED" - NJ

The feeling that is caused by being left on read can make one's blood boil. You begin to feel flushed in the face which is soon accompanied by the color of red on your cheeks. You feel annoyed, frustrated, and overall angry that someone would ever inflict this kind of pain on you. This feeling is one many know all too well, and is one of the main topics of "RED," the new track from up-and-coming pop artist NJ. In the track, NJ expresses the different frustrations a former partner inflicts on her.

The track is very synth-pop heavy. The instrumental features a smooth, even sexy synth line that progresses throughout the track. It swells and keeps the track moving, all while a ticking drum track keeps the beat together. NJ's voice feels smooth, and vividly croons over the instrumentation. The lyrics delve into the frustrations that NJ is experiencing from a former partner. For instance their relationship dynamics, "Do you want the bad, or the good news first? // Boy you, really have some nerve // You're feeling, all broken down // Until you, come back around." She describes the frustrations of having this broken dynamic, "Loss of love leads to a fight // Must be why I'm turning red." NJ describes other factors that have caused this rift, "Saying that we're good as friends // Then why am I in your bed?" In the end, NJ takes control and leaves her former partner on read, "Tossing, turning, in my bed // Always, end up, in my head // Changed up, everything you said // That's why you're left on read."

NJ is an up-and-coming alt-pop artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has quickly created an impressive discography, with "RED" being the latest addition. NJ released her debut EP last year, 2021's Platinum. The EP featured the previously released track "MANGO." With a smooth and sleek voice, NJ is quick to become your next musical obsession.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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