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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Reincarnation" - Leanna Firestone

Break-ups are hard to do. What can understatedly be tougher though, is healing and moving on from the break-up. I think a large contributing factor to its difficulty is how the process of healing is perceived. It’s usually viewed to be laborious. Thankfully Leanna Firestone has changed the narrative around healing. Leanna Firestone’s “Reincarnation” frames healing from heartbreak as a way to reinvent yourself.

“Reincarnation” is an indie-pop single about healing from the loss of a love and redirecting that energy into other relationships . The song focuses on Firestone’s vocation for storytelling, and is one of the five singles on the artist’s newly released EP, Public Displays of Affection or simply, ‘PDA’. The single opens with soft guitar strings before the artist chimes in with angelic vocalizations that echo. In the first verse, listeners learn that the artist is struggling to move on after a break-up. Because of this struggle, she seeks out advice. The given advice is set up as the song’s chorus. Redirecting the love you once shared with a former partner to other connections helps with the process of moving on. The second verse reveals to listeners that the love has been redirected into the relationships Firestone has with her friends and herself. Even coming to the realization that she can recreate the feelings of bliss felt with the former partner for herself, without any external input. The third and final verse highlights how the process of moving on isn’t linear – there will be moments of nostalgia for both the former partner and the identity we had while with them. And that’s perfectly okay; we have every right to mourn the loss of a relationship and the person we once were on our own time while reconstructing a life without either.

Leanna Firestone is a 20-year-old singer and songwriter. At the beginning of the pandemic, the artist joined the TikTok community to beat the collective isolation we were all experiencing. While sharing her musical inclinations was not the initial purpose for joining, it soon became what she was known for on the platform. Firestone’s relatable lyrical confessionals resonated with viewers and gained momentous support. Now living her dream, the artist released her debut album Forward / Slash in 2022 and has even had her music featured in an episode of the U.K.’s Love Island. Currently Firestone is traveling around the U.S. with New Found Glory as the opening act for their 2023 acoustic tour, Make The Most Of It. Tickets can be found on the websites for New Found Glory and Leanna Firestone. Tickets are also selling quickly, and some venues have already sold out. If you find yourself homebound though, virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows is always appreciated, too.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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