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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Remind Me" - Evi Bosman

“Remind Me” is a tasteful and sophisticated song about the passing of a family member, and how those left behind slowly learn to move on. Grief is a horrific thing, brought on by golden-tinted memories that cycle repeatedly in your mind. It reminds you of the good days and how they will never ever happen again. It’s tough, understanding that and getting over that; learning to miss those who’ve passed but also understanding that they wouldn’t want you to be weighed down by their memory, only to be filled with joy with the memories but able to move on with your life.

Written as a tribute to her brother’s passing, Boseman expertly weaves together her poignant lyricism and narratives with an emotive melody along with whimsical ambivalence. The song is sung over the finger-picked guitar and swelling cello, adding to the meditative ease and comfort of the atmosphere of the song. This kind of song is especially driven by the atmosphere and aural calmness, and Boseman’s ethereal voice with the minimalistic production creates an experience that’s tailor-made to the story of the song.

Evi Boseman is a Rotterdam-based indie-folk artist whose music manages to be both poignant and comforting. She shows a remarkable aura of deftness and coolness, expertly pairing and utilizing her voice to the highest level on each track. Inspired by Phoebe Bridgers, Adrianne Lenker, and Alan Hampton, Boseman may seem like only one of the many artists within the indie-folk genre, but her narrative direction stands her out from amongst the crowd.

Written By Megan Cao



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