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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Remind Myself of You" - Samantha Margret

This song, “Remind Myself of You” by Samantha Margret, tells the story of someone who’s grieving a relationship and stuck in a toxic cycle of remembering what they lost every time they try to move on. The sequel track to her previously released song, “Deja Vu You,” Samantha Margret uses seductive imagery to convey the mix of bitterness and longing with lyrics like “fingers on your face I can almost taste ya” and “I know I’m just skin in your teeth, touch anyone like you’re touching me.” You want to move on, you know they’re moving on, but it’s hard when the smallest things can remind you of what you had, even if you don’t want them to. 

“Remind Myself of You” is a hard-hitting, smooth alt-pop song that uses seductive melodies and layered vocals to draw you into the darkness. Starting with heavy electronic vocals, the song guides you in before laying down a heavy bass line and jumping right into the first verse. Samantha Margret’s smooth, husky voice pairs well with the intense instrumentals, maintaining an airiness that creates a compelling contrast. She maintains the tension throughout the whole piece, reaching a peak with the bridge that keeps up the pace by leaning into the erratic, before sliding to a quick stop. On the shorter side, at only 2:21, this song uses the time well, filling every second with captivating music and lyrics that make it an instant repeat!

Samantha Margret is an alt-pop singer-songwriter who embraces the darkness and drama to tell her own stories about her own life. With a sound reminiscent of other artists such as Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez, and Chappell Roan, Samantha Margret uses heavy, bass driven beats and layered vocals to create a unique mood with her songs that has gained her an impressive following on Spotify and across other social media platforms. She released her first single, “Feminist GF,” in 2020, and has since released several other songs, including an EP, “RAGE”, in 2022. “Remind Myself of You” is just her latest in a long line of amazing songs, and you can use the links below to explore more of her music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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