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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Renegade" - Miranda Faul

Miranda Fauls newest single, “Renegade” is out now. This powerful song lets us look inside of ourselves to find the light that lives within. Miranda wrote this song with herself and close friends in mind, allowing them a space to have these big feelings. “Renegade” is an inspiring song that can help us find our way back home within the chaos of the ever changing outside world. She assures her friends with her song that they will always be able to feel at home no matter how difficult and different things may seem. The words stick with you, allowing you to feel safe and welcomed with each line. She reminds us to “just breathe something in you knows the way home”.

This song feels like home, it welcomes you in with a soft start and builds off of itself. It is beautiful and warm, with the vocals alluring you in to listen to each line pass you by. “Renegade” starts very stripped down, with only vocals and a gentle guitar. Moving through the song we can hear the power behind her soft and smooth voice. By the middle of the song there is a passionate crescendo leading to the height of “Renegade”. This Folk/Pop song uses an array of instruments to flow into your ear and scratch a sweet musical itch. Although by the end Miranda has us hooked on her voice and powerful message, she brought us in fast leaving us wanting more.

Miranda Faul is a young singer/songwriter living in Dublin, Ireland. At only 23, Miranda has now released 3 singles, including “Renegade”. Following in the footsteps of her musical icons, this artist is using her skills to incorporate a plethora of genres in her music. Miranda engages with her audience by writing and performing songs that resonate with her and her friends. She uses her passion for music and storytelling to show the world her talent. Keep on the lookout to see where she will be playing all of her amazing music next. We are so eager to see what else Miranda will release in the future, be sure to give her a follow below!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen



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