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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "Rhythm in Your Pocket" - Jet Vesper

"Romance is my religion; but your love got me off my knees" is what we all envision as the perfectionist type of relationship where there is so much optimism and everyone is living in cloud-nine-style. Jet Vesper's brand new single "Rhythm In Your Pocket" really accentuates this concept in terms of the production, vocals & most importantly: the lyrics! The premise is that Jet is clinging onto this person tightly and wants to try his best to maintain their relationship even though that it seems good. Jet needs full validation here while still experiencing crazy amounts of euphoria!

This song's got rhythm in it's pocket! I think that Jet's high-pitched vocals shows off a lot of range here especially in the second chorus of the song where the pitch gets even higher. The structure and lyrics of this song all are cohesive as well as meaningful with what the song is trying to get across. The instrumentation definitely is made up of a drum machine which includes the rhythmic snaps as well as a funky "wah" guitar that rides throughout the bridge and chorus of the song. The spacey synthesizers that echo in the background really makes this song have a psychedelic vibe to it that matches the cover perfectly. I really appreciate those background vocals from Jet as well! Jet definitely plays music in the pocket!

Jet Vesper is an Australian-American songwriter based out of Los Angeles who has started getting serious about music since last year with his funky debut single "Clockwise" which is pretty damn smooth. Jet also has his own YouTube channel where he has made multiple remixes of his singles and other music-related content. Jet plans on releasing his debut EP at some point this year. Go give him a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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