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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Ribbon" - Bre Kennedy

We have little to no say in how things go. Even if we plan out every moment, other plans are in place that messes up everything. While the idea may be daunting and roadblocks pile up, it doesn't mean we should ever stop. As we take the smallest step in our lives, we're constantly reminded of what our past held and how it can affect us. But if we're stepping into the next part of our lives, shouldn't we be looking into the future? Bre Kennedy shows us how she's looking excitedly into her future and journey of letting go with her newest release "Ribbon". With its revitalizing melody and her stunning vocals, this track is sure to stick in your head and make you want to feel the moment.

With this release, Bre Kennedy gives us a visualizer as beautiful as the song itself. The video shows Kennedy going through a room filled with ribbons, masking every path while she walks through with no worries--showing us how she's ready to dive into her next adventure. The lyrics are motivating and inspired, as shown when she sings, "Cause if I don't know where I'm going/means I got somewhere to go". Because there's no predicting what comes next, no matter how much we want to know our path, we must live it to see it. But with this song, we can see how Kennedy finds beauty in it--how while we can't change how everything goes, we also can change how anything went, so we might as well float free.

Bre Kennedy is a phenomenal singer/songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up in a musical household, she's been exposed to many different types of music. So, after spending some time in LA, she drove off to discover her sound and musical identity in Nashville. She's known for her storytelling ability in music, creating relatable and authentic tracks in a folk-pop genre inspired by the greats. Before this song, Kennedy released her stunning single titled "Twenty Something (All or Nothing)" which captured the hearts of her fans and left us wanting more. With "Ribbon" our hearts are happy and excited for everything she has to offer us.

Written by Jane Katryn



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