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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Rich Friends" - WasteLand x BOI

WasteLand collaborates with BOI to create the ultimate dance-pop jam just in time for summer. “Rich Friends” is about a girl who decides to be herself and be free in the world where everything is controlled by the rich. She continues to say how she “never really minded being trust fund free” because in the end she knows it will turn out okay. “Rich Friends” reminds us that sometimes the best things in life are free and it’s not all about the money and objects you have. All that really matters is that you just do you and have a good time!

With relatable lyrics and a catchy beat, you can’t help but want to party to this dance track. “Rich Friends” includes a lot of horn instrumentation along with guitar to create a high-energy base to the song. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, this songs’ good vibe is contagious. It’s the perfect tune to add to your summer pop playlist. You can’t help but be happy and smile when you hear the melodic beat of this song. My favorite lyrics were “I know where I stand/ I know who I am/ they don’t know me like I know myself”. To me, this was a good reflection of the song and how at the end of the day we know ourselves better than anyone and we shouldn’t let other things or people get in the way of us living our lives.

WasteLand is an established DJ and producer from Australia. His music has broken through the EDM world of music to be performed on stages all over the world, including Tomorrowland and EDC in Las Vegas. Recently, he has focused on more of a pop sound. He has definitely created a following, having a combined Spotify count of over 3 million plays. If you like artists like Zedd and Flume, you’ll love WasteLand.

Anna Buckingham, also known as BOI, is an experienced artist having been a featured vocalist with numerous groups including LDRU. She has also performed alongside artists such as Alice Ivy, The Chainsmokers, and Xavier Dunn. She released her first single, “Imaginary Boys” in 2019 and received much praise and love for it. If you like artist like SIA and Charlie XCX, keep an eye out for more great hits from BOI.

Written By Emily Hancock




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