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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "Right About Me" - Kenzie Cates

Kenzie Cates is an artist who uses both listening and writing her music as a way to work through her emotions. For many, this is extremely relatable. In her newest single called “Right About Me” Kenzie is addressing the way it appears an ex-lover of hers handled a breakup, and how she fears that they might have been right about her. She is overthinking after everything went down and racking her brain for what actually happened while she also explores how the series of events made her feel. The depth of the song is paired with a very upbeat and catchy tune that makes a listener want to put this song on repeat.

A stunning guitar melody coupled with Cates' soft voice in the background is how the listeners begin to get a taste of “Right About Me”. The first verse follows a similar pattern, but Cates' vocals take the foreground as more soothing sounds from the guitar are layered throughout. In the chorus, a very vibey ensemble of guitars and low beats ensures that this tune will be stuck in everyone's head. At the bridge, Cates’ voice is layered in two tones harmonizing with one another as she continues to lament how she feels she is losing her mind and how she wishes she could just go back in time. The chorus once again picks up at the end of the song, reiterating Cates’ procession of emotions with a contrastingly upbeat musical tune.

Kenzie Cates was originally born in Kamloops, BC, Canada. Cates has always been very passionate about music, writing and recording her first song as young as eleven years old through her full-ride scholarship to KISSM. Her love of writing and producing songs only grew from here, and she went on to become a finalist in Yangaroo's “New Indie Artist” category at the Canada Music Awards in 2019. Two years later, she was also a finalist in CBC’s Toyota Searchlight annual talent show. On Canadian radio, she even charted at number three on Bellevue Radio’s Indie Chart. Cates has directed, shot, and edited her own music videos in the past, notably for her single “Ruin It”. We are ecstatic to see where her career goes!

Written By Molly Schiff



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