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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Riot" - The Scarlet Opera

We all deserve a sense of empowerment in our own lives. Having that superiority over ourselves is something we should all have, and we shouldn’t let anyone take it from us. We are determined to be who we aspire to be and having that is wonderful. No one can tell us otherwise because we are in control of our lives. The world can be cruel sometimes but ignoring all that negativity can bring us some sort of peace. The Scarlet Opera’s single, “Riot” is a catchy bop about that confidence in yourself and ignoring people's opinions of us. We should be able to do whatever we want and feel at that moment regardless of what anyone thinks. If it makes us happy, then so be it.

Bazulka starts the song with his powerful vocals that draws you in immediately tied with a classic pop rock soundscape. The clearness in his voice gravitates with the melody, giving it a smooth groove. He pairs his vocals with enthusiasm which brings an energetic mood that enhances with the tune. The consistency in his voice creates a sensation that assists the tempo which brings an enjoyable listen. The message of the song has a sense of empowerment that is strong enough to start a riot - hence the title - which captivates the energy perfectly. Along with Kenrick on the keyboard, Zuker on the bass, Siegal on the drums, and Taylor on the guitar, The Scarlet Opera has put together an outstanding performance with this hit rock n roll song.

The Scarlet Opera is a five-member band from Los Angeles. The band consists of the members, lyricist and front man Luka Bazulka, keyboardist Colin Kenrick, bassist Daniel Zuker, drummer Justin Siegal, and guitarist Chance Taylor. The band origins from Kenrick seeing Bazulka performing a solo vocal set then leading to enlist the other members. They had great potential to forming this band. SB Projects and Republic Records were drawn by their packed venues and captivating live shows that hit songwriter and producer David Stewart to collab and inspire them. The band made their debut on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden and performed their song, “Alive.” They are currently on tour, and you can get your tickets here if you’re interested! Their EP “Comedy” is out now so go check them out!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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