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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Ripped Jeans" - Amber T

Amber Titchener who is also known as musical artist Amber T, has released another great single for her listeners. The UK-based artist now adds "Ripped Jeans" to her impressive discography full of singles since making her first appearance in the music at just 15 years old. Amber's new song is everything you could want and need in a pop song, it's got high energy, catchy lyrics, and powerful vocals to back it up. In her new single, Amber T is stuck in a teenage dream and sings of "still wearing those ripped jeans" with the "hopes that you'll think of me".

Amber T is consistently bringing her unique Indie pop vibe into her music for others to hear. Listeners can pick up on this in her new track. Right away, I was captivated by Amber's stunning vocals and meaningful lyrics in her new single. The high energy and guitar melody of "Ripped Jeans" were infectious, before I knew it I was tapping my foot to the beat and singing along. This is a perfect song to listen to on a high volume while driving with the windows down, or hanging out with friends. Either way, you listen, Amber's song will make you want to get up and belt those lyrics right along with her. Two weeks ago, Amber T released a music video for this track where you can find the artist wearing those ripped jeans she sings of and dancing in her bedroom. I completely fell in love with this song from the first time I heard it and as a new fan, I am excited to see what she does next.

Amber T Is an 18-year-old pop artist based in the UK. Amber is making her way through the pop music world one single at a time. The young artist has already put out 8 singles since releasing her first track, "Tick Tock" in 2019. At a young age, she already has an impressive list of accomplishments behind her. From being recognized on BBC Radio 1 and even getting a shout-out from Elton John himself. This Pop Artist just dropped her latest single, “Ripped Jeans” which has reached over 35,000 plays on Spotify to date. Keep the artist Amber T on your radar!

Written By Jenna Barton



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