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  • Thomas Hiscock

Review: "Rise " - KAT

There’s nothing like Springtime, oh with the breeze… the ease… What a joy to soak up sunshine, gently coming back to life with the world. The silence of sleep wears away, and nature wakes up, marked by smells, sights, and sounds… While so much energy is devoted to growth and expansion in this fertile time, our world can feel raw… fragile, even. As much as we may seek to expand, to flourish, change is difficult… change can be painful! Calling out to triumph–and in the same breath, to trial–‘singer/songwriter and storyteller’ KAT arrives with equal parts grace and grit on the uplifting new anthem, ‘Rise.’ Leading the way with a voice filled with soul and sunshine, KAT sails over gentle waters, heading for a hopeful horizon!

This song is a message, an olive branch of resilience and determination. Imbued with hope… optimism, KAT’s powerful lyrics speak to the peaks and valleys of life, urging us to rise up and overcome! The ‘punchline’ of the tune’s flowery refrain–bejeweled with KAT’s moving cadence–calls the audience to look within themselves and stand tall, immovable and determined! KAT’s soaring soprano helps the tune breathe, offering contour and depth. The singer’s detailed application of harmony decorates the soundscape with pockets of breathy beauty. KAT’s voice flies and falls, highlighting an impressive range; with so much motion on the vocal front, the instrumental is fairly simple, consisting almost solely of acoustic guitar and keyboard… In essence, ‘Rise’ is a reminder, as radical as it may sound… that we have the strength within us to achieve the very best version of ourselves imaginable! While this young artist seeks to pin down her vision and voice, it’s impressive to hear a cohesive blend of Miley Cyrus, Disney drama, and even a pinch of Aerosmith’s romantic storytelling!

KAT is a singer-songwriter who displays powerhouse vocals and poignant, plot-driven songwriting. While not much is known about this talented young artist, her music draws on a wide range of influences, from folk, blues, soul, and beyond! KAT's lyrics are deeply personal, exploring themes of life, love, and discovery. With this earnest, heartfelt approach to her craft and character, it seems more than fair to say that fans of pop music should keep their ears open for this blooming new challenger. A self-proclaimed admirer of soulful monarchs like Aretha Franklin and Etta James, KAT is perfectly poised to carve a brilliant niche for herself amidst a bustling modern scene!

Written By Thomas Hiscock


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