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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Rock Bottom" - Abigail Barlow

Abigail Barlow just put out her new single, "Rock Bottom." This track comes as the first lead single for her upcoming album, Princess Pop, set to release in early 2024. The song comes as the culmination of her reflection, learning, and growth over the past year. "Rock Bottom" chronicles her experiences over recent times, particularly with the contestation of a lawsuit over her GRAMMY-winning musical, The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical. She opens up and lets her voice be heard in this commercial pop track. If you have never heard of Abigail Barlow before, this song serves as a strong introduction to her strengths in vocals, lyricism, and production.

On "Rock Bottom," Barlow said, "In the wake of a GRAMMY win, a lawsuit, and over a year of silence, I’ve found my voice and defined my sound while working on my debut album Princess Pop dropping in 2024…and it all begins with this song." This message shines through as she sings about doing better, learning to breathe, and ending the chorus with the titular lyric, "'Cause I got a tale to tell at rock bottom." The empowered messages about self-reflection and growth are backed by infectious pop hooks and an electro-pop production that had me dancing around in my chair. Her vocals also shine bright through each line. Her theatrically-influenced storytelling and sound transcends the typical bounds of pop music, crafting a song that is both engaging and inspired.

Abigail Barlow is a singer and songwriter who gained prominence after she and her writing partner, Emily Bear, wrote and produced "The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical" concept album, which won the 2022 GRAMMY Award for Best Musical Theater Album. They were the youngest composing team ever to win this award. Barlow has also achieved 2.4 million TikTok followers, a Forbes 30 Under 30 nod, and 2016 YoungArts Finalist. Her debut album Princess Pop will include at least one female writer or producer in her songwriting and recording sessions, showing her pride as a female artist and commitment to supporting other women in the industry.

Written By Sydney Gray



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