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  • Ari Schweitzer

Review: "Rolling Dice" - Gabe James

Gabe James certainly didn’t leave anything up to chance when he wrote his latest single “Rolling Dice”. The song is an expertly crafted indie-pop masterpiece, from its breadth of lyrical themes to crisp instrumental mixing. James has been teasing the song’s release for a while now, and he certainly did not disappoint. “Rolling Dice” is the latest and greatest anthem for anyone who’s feeling slightly lost and very romantic.

“Rolling Dice” immediately perks your ears by opening up with clean acoustic guitar strumming and James’ beautifully harmonized lyrics singing about being lost in his own head, something all too familiar to many of us. The chorus ramps up the energy beyond expectations, and James’ singing feels extra passionate alongside the satisfying electric bass line. Stomp-and-clap style percussion makes bobbing your head irresistible, and you’ll be singing along to the melody in no time. James even includes some surprises like rain ambience to match his line “but it just rains, and I’m in pain”, demonstrating his affinity for sonic creativity.

The Colorado-born and LA-based songwriter Gabe James has been consistently releasing bangers for the last year, cooking up a storm of singles and EP’s in his discography. Collaborating with popular artists like Outerskies and working with the label TAG Music, James has certainly earned himself a well-deserved following that grows every day. If you haven’t already heard his music before, take a gamble and check out “Rolling Dice”. For indie-pop lovers, or anyone for that matter, keep an eye on Gabe James.

Written By Ari Schweitzer



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