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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "roots" - Izzy Pingrey

New song by artist Izzy Pingrey, “Roots” is a sweet letter to her younger self that expresses how much she’s changed and how much she hasn’t. The song perfectly encompasses the growth and how looking back at who you once were could sometimes be difficult. Seeing change in in oneself leaves room for complex emotions to develop and Pingrey portrays this well with “Roots”. The essence of nostalgia that comes off this track isn’t overbearing the way other songs can be and instead paints a portrait of admiration and fondness. “Roots” is a great track and Izzy Pingrey has certainly left an impression with this song.

The song itself feels very warm and relaxed. Izzy Pingrey’s voice sounds smooth in a song of this style. Each different image painted by the lyrics makes listeners feel as if they are watching the narrator’s life go by. Each description brings a smile to listeners' faces as these are memories everyone can connect to yet are still so personal to Pingrey’s experience. The production style on the track doesn’t get overly complicated and it really allows Pingrey’s talent to fully shine through. The layered harmonies are so nice and only keep revealing the level of talent Pingrey possesses. What’s great about “Roots” is a provides a nice overlook as to what growing up has been like for Izzy Pingrey and excites you as to how as an artist, she’s only going to get better and better.

Izzy Pingrey is a 17-year-old artist from New York City, and for someone so young she has accomplished so much. The indie pop artist began writing music when she was 13 as a way to deal with the loneliness during the COVID lockdown. Her debut EP, Junior, was released in November 2023 and did well on Spotify and YouTube. Recently in March of this year, Pingrey performed a sold-out show in New York City. Her single “Roots” is the first single of her upcoming sophomore EP. It’s great to see someone of Izzy Pingrey’s age do so well in this industry and it will be exciting to hear what her sound will grow into.

Written By Chantal Charles


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