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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "RUDE" - Ella Isaacson

There is nothing more powerful than a strong, confident woman who embraces her inner femininity and rage. Ella Isaacson captures pure ferocity and allure in her new single, “RUDE”. With a mixture of electric instrumentation and rich vocalization, “RUDE” is a fast-paced, anthem of empowerment with irresistible groove. Ella’s vivid lyricism adds to the single’s hypnotizing and relentless nature. For instance, the lines, “Hells got a bed made up for you, stomping on hearts with those high heel shoes” and “the devil spent a little more time on you” highlight a vengeful woman’s cunning nature and limitless power. The single's infectious rhythm evokes dancing and a feeling of strength in audiences. Ella Issacson's incredible voice, genius song-writing abilities and invigorating instrumentation make "RUDE" the perfect listen for anyone seeking a boost of strength or confidence.

“RUDE” opens with low-pitched, energetic guitar chords and exhilarating synth noise. Ella’s powerful vocals contain a subtle rasp that perfectly pairs with the single’s sensual lyrics. Beautiful vocal layering adds harmonization and strength to the song’s energetic chorus. Ella’s voice ranges from high-pitched and flirtatious to deep and fierce. The single’s bridge features a verse in between singing and rapping that adds a unique flare to the otherwise pop-inspired song. The “RUDE” official music video premiered on February 18th and uses intense colorization and various shot angles to create a cinematic, energetic, and sexy music video. The red tint, grunge makeup and gorgeous costuming reflects the vibe portrayed in the single. “RUDE” and its accompanying music video carry the characteristics of strength, confidence, beauty and passion.

New York native, Ella Isaacson is a pop singer-songwriter determined to make 2023 her year. Ella’s vivid lyricism, angelic vocals and magnetic energy set her apart as a rising star in the pop music scene. Her love for music runs deep, with her childhood spent creating songs and being heavily involved in the arts from an early age. Success is nothing new to Ella, as she has amassed over 40 million streams thus far across all platforms. Her 2015 debut single, “Pretty Little Gangster” propelled her career, garnering over 3.9 million streams on Spotify alone. Ella’s 2021 hit single; “Ruins” peaked at #10 on the U.S. viral chart and #30 on the global viral chart. Multiple of her songs have been successfully remixed, allowing the tracks to reach further audiences. For instance, her 2020 single, “Expectations” which she made in collaboration with Gallant, an R&B inspired singer-songwriter, originally reached over 1.2 million streams on Spotify but was later remixed by R3HAB, a Multi-Platinum DJ and Producer, this version reaching over 4.8 million streams. Ella’s first EP, “Chapters” debuted in 2021, featuring 5 songs, most notably “Maybelline” and “Life of the Party”. Following its debut, “RUDE” was featured on over 40 different radio stations across the United States on February 11th and 12th. Keep your eyes on Ella Isaacson as she utilizes her talent and determination to reach new levels of success and claim popstar status.

Written By Julia Hooper



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