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  • George McSherry

Review: "Ruins" - Drew Schueler x Kiki Halliday

Classic balladry spills out of this finely balanced duet track crafted by artists Drew Schueler and Kiki Halliday that tugs at the heartstrings as it details the battling emotions of recognizing the love you have with someone and becoming aware "the glorious end" that looms. The phrase "hurts so good" springs to mind as the track paints the picture of lovers choosing to stay on their sinking ship rather than trying to offload water or swimming to a nearby shore. The reckless behavior is justified in pursuit of that weightlessness the lovers feel in those moments where they are truly in love.

Most of the track features simple, stripped-back production of acoustic guitar, piano, and simple drums which allows the emotion-rife vocal performances shine. Drew and Kiki oscillate and combine seamlessly with their powerful complementary styles. Electronic production slips in some layered and filtered instrumentation and vocals that lends the song an ephemeral, dreamlike quality that shores the melancholy and contemplative energy that the lyricism brings. The track, reminiscent of the XX, would make itself right at home on any broody, breakup playlist.

The duo, who worked together for the first time on 'Ruins', crossed paths in their shared hometown of Nashville, Tennessee before collaborating. Drew Schueler was named a finalist to NSAI's Song Contest two years running, as well as making the list of finalist for ISC's Song Competition. He has some plans for 2022, so stay tuned. Kiki Halliday, originally from LA, has written songs for television (featuring on shows like Queer Eye, The Kardashians, and Selling Sunset) and is now part of a new musical project called KJ Wild. I hope to hear more from the duo, together or not, in the near future.

Written By George McSherry




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