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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Rules Are Made to Be Broken" - Amelie Blake

It’s always interesting to see how the authenticity of oneself is seen as troublesome and to break out of that insincere shell means to be rebellious. The latest track by Amelie Blake, “Rules Are Made to Be Broken” is a dark pop anthem that displays the need to break away from restraints that keep people’s true selves trapped. The song has an interesting attitude that comes in with a kick when you first hear it. Amelie Blake provides a unique style with this track and its sound becomes addictive the more you listen to it. Listening to “Rules Are Made to Be Broken” truly is an interesting experience and that is a result of Amelie Blake’s talent shining through.

The way the song starts is captivating, and it creates this dark ambiance the track carries on throughout. Amelie Blake’s voice has a unique tone to it that sells the song so well. Additionally, the constant harmonies create a haunting bled of sound that makes it feel as if there are multiple voices around you pushing you to break out of your restraints. In the verses, there are these mechanical sounds that paint the scene very nicely and transport listeners into Amelie Blake’s head. The chorus of the song is incredibly catchy and paces itself very well. The repetition of the song’s title in the chorus really engraves the song's rebellious nature and motivates listeners to be non-conforming. It’s obvious to listeners that Amelie Blake was able to have a lot of fun creating this track, simply because the song is so enjoyable and unordinary. With every listen, it is clear that “Rules Are Made to Be Broken” is an incredible track and that Amelie Blake is a true talent.

Amelie Blake is an artist from the UK who has been making quite a name for herself. Her music has been featured in many shows and films, as well as trailers and advertisements. She recently was nominated for a PMA award for one of her songs, as well as gaining recognition from other outlets. She has become known for her unique style that blends a multitude of elements to create her dark pop sound. While she has been writing music for over ten years, she’s only been releasing music in recent years as she is no longer afraid to hide and is ready to put her art out there. Amelie Blake is definitely the next artist to check out as her talent and style keep audiences captivated.

Written By Chantal Charles


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