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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Run Home to You" - Alle The Dreamer

Ethereal and soft, “Run Home to You” is Alle The Dreamer’s love letter to all the twenty-somethings trying to feel their way around the firsts, lasts, highs and lows of relationships. Dating is always confusing, but compounding that with the inexperience of youth is a whole other thing entirely; with feelings running hot, the pushing and pulling, you may find yourself wanting to return back to a partner that you’ve already ended things with. It’s all part of being in your twenties, and Alle captures that feeling perfectly in “Run Home to You” through her masterful songwriting and flowing vocals.

“Run Home to You” is moody, quiet, and personal, best represented by the song’s chill underlying beat. Like a heartbeat, it slowly pulses in the background along with the strings and synth– coupled with Alle’s elegant vocals, “Run Home to You” is an amalgamation of those powerfully youthful feelings encapsulated in the form of a song. Personally, my favorite part of the song is the chorus: the mirrored lyrics, “You’re with another girl/I’m with another guy/You’re going home with her/I’m kissing him good night”, are wonderfully indicative of trying to let go but being unable to. Here, the song slowly climbs in intensity, but always falls off by the next verse, as if trying to move on, yet by the end of the track Alle’s vocals gently fade out.

Alle The Dreamer is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter who only loosely defines her music as pop, and instead mixes and combines sounds to create her very own style and genre. She’s worked and collaborated with tons of artists from Toronto, LA, and London, some of them including Negin Djafari, Jeff Shum, and Dayyon Alexander, to name a few. Her first single “Clumsy Heart” released in 2021, though she was initially featured in the single “Bohemian Like You (feat. Alle the Dreamer)” which has gained over 1 million plays on Spotify. Perfectly singular, Alle creates music that is fluid, dynamic, and overflowing with that dreamy-pop sound. She is currently working on her debut EP, “Starting Over,” so while you patiently await its drop, listen to her most recent release “Run Home to You.”

Written By Alexa Leung



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