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  • Alison Holst

Review: "RUN" - Sydne Strauss

RUN is a perfect pop song, power packed with electric instrumentals and the voice of Sydne Strauss. The song has a very enticing and electric tone that draws listeners in right from the start. Strauss’ voice is the most impressive aspect of the song, as it gives it a sound that is uniquely her own. Her voice also presents itself as a powerful one, which ties into the theme of self empowerment, which can be found in the song's lyrics. Strauss uses her powerful voice to show her confidence, and her strong awareness of her self worth.

The variation of the instrumentals, in RUN, is an admirable aspect of the song. Throughout the song the melodies change and vary as it progresses, making it an interesting listen. These changes in melody, are facilitated through the seamless transitions from beginning to end. The transitions never feel abrupt, making it a smooth and enjoyable listen. The instrumentals also do a great job at highlighting Strauss’ voice, as they work with her voice, rather than drown it out or distract from it.

Sydne Strauss is a Taiwanese-American artist, who was born in the state of Missouri. She is a multifaceted artist with skills in song-writing, singing, and producing. She has always found herself in the music scene from a young age. Beginning at age seven Strauss would begin performing in musicals up until the age of eighteen. After turning eighteen Strauss decided to jump start her own music career. Since then, Strauss has moved to L.A., and has been creating, and releasing, new music.

Written By Alison Holst



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