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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Run To” - Michelle Ray

”Run To” is a catchy pop song with strong vocals. The single is about realizing self-worth and ending a cycle. The artist sings about a person turning to her when they need support and losing themself while being with another person. In the song, the singer comes to the realization that she cannot support the other person. Overall, this song preaches a powerful self-love message and has a fun melody that listeners will have playing on repeat.

Throughout “Run To” the artist shows her wide vocal range. A highlight of the track has to be the belting in the chorus. In the final chorus, the instrumental fades, and the message and vocals are emphasized before she sings “I can’t be there” in a stunning falsetto. Another stand-out moment in the single would be the bridge where the artist layered vocals for a choir sound. The choir is also accompanied by flawless runs the artist sings in the back.

Michelle Ray is Michelle Raitzin a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. The singer attended Berklee College of Music before auditioning for The Voice. While on season four of the hit reality singing show competition, the artist was on Team Blake. The songwriter released her debut single in November 2022 in collaboration with DJ Diac titled, “World Hold On”. The vocalist also released two collaboration albums In 2022 as well as multiple singles.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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