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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "Runaway" - Phoebe Hall

"Runaway" by Phoebe Hall is a fun bedroom-pop song. Not only is this track ridiculously catchy, but it is also incredibly good on the ears. Phoebe’s lower-register voice sounds rich and addictive, and the writing is witty. Hall’s style is unique and refreshing, which makes this song a very easy and repeatable listen. "Runaway" doesn’t waste any time; it beats along and knows exactly what it wants to be. This song needs to be immediately added to your break-up playlists; it’s a must-have.

I was immediately reminded of The 1975 and girl in red. This song reminds me of the mid-2010s in the most complimentary way possible. "Runaway" tells a tale of unsuccessful love. You are getting tired of the person you are involved with keeping you a secret, and you just want to break free from the relationship. You realize you don’t deserve to be a victim of their shame, and they are the reason your relationship seems to be unsuccessful, not you. You decide to take back your love and time and "run away" from the relationship.

Hall is a twenty-two-year-old rising pop artist. Phoebe describes their music as queer bedroom-pop, that has emotions but is also fun and lighthearted. She has performed several live shows, absolutely stealing the show each time. The artist has been releasing music on Spotify since 2021 and released their Freshmen EP in November 2022. She has amassed an impressive 4,000+ monthly listeners, becoming a rising indie-pop star quickly.

Written By Emma Kimberli



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