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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Sad Boy" - EDDIE

Drawing from his latest album, EDDIE has shared one of the highlights from Grieving Hour with the single "Sad Boy." The track perfectly complements the theme of the 13-track album, delving into elements of depression and heartache. "Sad Boy" seems to be a sarcastic approach to the darker subject matter, telling the story of EDDIE's heartbreak in a cynical, whimsical way. A personal composition for the artist, "Sad Boy" reflects EDDIE's own struggles, giving listeners an authentic look into the singer-songwriter's psyche. "Sad Boy" is part of the album's emotional journey, which EDDIE explains more in-depth by stating, "This album was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do. Around a year ago to the day, I experienced one of the most unimaginable and painful heartbreaks in my life. Feelings of hopelessness, depression, anger, etc. flooded my brain and continued to haunt me for months on end after the fact. This album was written with blood, sweat, and literally tears, and I can happily say it helped me heal from one of the most painful experiences in my life that I never saw coming, and I also never saw myself getting out of. Follow along my journey and story of grief for the last year, and enjoy my second album 'Grieving Hour' out on all music streaming platforms NOW!!"

Deceptively upbeat, EDDIE pairs the song's poignant narrative with a peppy, lighthearted soundscape. The track features playful guitar riffs and teasing melodies, keeping the song light despite the darker feelings presented in the lyrics. EDDIE's vocals are a perfect balance of smooth and edgy throughout "Sad Boy," kicking up the intensity to deliver the track's energetic, face-melting chorus. Showing his vocal prowess, EDDIE seamlessly shifts between lower registers and his falsetto, belting over the more intense portions of the song. "Sad Boy" tastefully blends genres together, intertwining elements of alt-pop and pop-rock throughout the fiery masterpiece.

Based in Pennsylvania, EDDIE is a solo singer-songwriter who also fronts the band Nothing But A Nightmare. He has sung with the group on multiple EPs and albums, gaining over 100,000 Spotify streams with Kleptomania. EDDIE has now taken on the role of a solo artist, debuting with the album Lowly Throne. The album captures his soaring vocals and infectious melodies, providing a solid beginning to the artist's solo career. Following this album, EDDIE has released his second studio album with Grieving Hour. The album is an impressive sophomore release, showcasing his deep lyrical writing and unique storytelling abilities.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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