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  • George McSherry

Review: "Sail Away" - New Town

"I see nothing but rainbows in my mind" details that priceless rush of blood to your head borne of a bold decision to confess how you feel about that one person. Caution is thrown to the wind and you're going with your gut now, and as soon as you take that first step, that tingling turns to powerful static that you feel all through you. If someone makes you feel like this, New Town's "Sail Away" is begging you to bite the bullet. Go for it... now... do it.

Check out "Sail Away" here

Full-bodied vocals deliver poignant lyrics that are soaked in both melancholic blues and hopeful yellows to the backdrop of infectious indie rock melodies. Intermittent bursts of electric guitar rush energy into the song with power and precision all the while kept in line by crisp percussion and a steady bassline to round out the vibrant anthemic sound. With soothing troughs and energized peaks, "Sail Away" is a summer anthem that piques comparisons to the likes of The 1975 with its fine balance of catchy pop melodies and instilling indie rock instrumentation.

Hailing from East Kilbride, Scotland, New Town is the name used by this four-part indie rock group making a serious splash with their debut single "Sail Away". They aim to provide the soundtrack for your night in need of some uplifting energy via tracks featuring the pairing of emotional lyricism with danceable guitar, all delivered with palpable passion and fervor. Hellbent on establishing themselves as a deserved staple in this flourishing industry, New Town has a packed schedule ahead of them promoting and performing while we eagerly await new releases.

Written By George McSherry



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