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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Save Me" - Blue Lush

On the debut single from pop-rock band, Blue Lush, titled "Save Me," the group reckons with who they can depend on at their lowest. The mix is rich and impactful, bringing each punchy instrument to the front. Dense vocal layers create an anthemic feel. This is most evident in moments like the pre-chorus, when they soar as they recount "reaching out to the stars tonight." It's a bright and brilliant track that packs a direct and affecting punch. The only reliable source of healing, they suggest, comes from oneself.

"When the gust met the tide, you were there by my side," Blue Lush remark in the opening verse. The support of this person, however, was only felt in these moments of convenience. As they blast through the chorus, the band identifies the disillusion. "Wanted you to save me, but I didn't realize / that I need to save me." The immaculate production only serves to demonstrate their confidence in this assertion. On "Save Me," an astoundingly debut single, Blue Lush find strength in the times when there is no guiding light. It's the type of catchy and evocative pop-rock track that makes screaming affirmations feel cathartic.

Blue Lush are a band of five members forming in 2019. The group's three original members met in college through music, with the other two members joining two years later. They're known for their unique rock sound—incorporating elements from a wide array of genres. Their goal is to create music meant to heal, preserve, and connect with others. "Save Me" arrives as their first released single on streaming platforms.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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