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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Say So" - St. Lundi

St. Lundi Say So Cover Art.

Even on the first listen, I knew that this song was something special. St. Lundi’s voice paired with these lyrics and the music just fills the listener with such good vibes. I found myself singing along by the time the second chorus rolled around. The way St. Lundi’s voice navigates the lyrics is a true work of art. “If you love someone, go ahead and say so.” The ever-present reminder that life, although precious and exciting at times, is also fleeting. We live, we love, we lose, we win, we struggle, we succeed, and we, ultimately, die. One of the most heartbreaking aspects of life is losing a loved one. It forces you to ponder who you are without that person, how you’re expected to carry on with life without them there, guiding you, supporting you, making you laugh, cry, feel alive. St. Lundi writes of the inner turmoil surrounding living, loving, losing, and finding the innate ability to carry on.

As one may have guessed, the inspiration behind the song stemmed from St. Lundi’s relationship with a close loved one. St. Lundi has stated “”I wrote ‘Say So’ about my relationship with my father. We’d not spoken for nearly five years after falling out and no matter what I tried to do, nothing could replace our relationship. One day I realised maybe he’s not so good at talking because he never really had a father. So I reached out… and ever since we’ve been closer than ever. This song is there to encourage people to tell the ones they love that they love them.” This song is that soft whisper to “Just do it.” Love is a multifaceted wonder of the human experience. There are so many different types of love, different levels of love, different ways to show love, to receive love. It’s a beautiful thing to find people that imprint themselves on your heart and whom you can’t imagine living without. It’s an honor to be able to experience love so deeply as to be able to connect with this beautiful, beautiful song. “Cause, soon they might be gone and you’ll wish you’d said so.” After my granddad lost his battle to cancer last year, my world shifted in a way I’d never experienced before. This song in particular makes me think of my relationship with him because of St. Lundi’s explanation for the song and how his relationship with his father was strained for years. My relationship with my grandfather was anything but perfect throughout my life, but he was still a constant in my life, especially in my younger years. It was only after his death that I realized how big an impact he’d had on my life. He was my only father figure, so he doubled as my granddad and stand-in dad. I did, however, let him know in no uncertain terms that I loved him before he left this earth and I’m so grateful that we were able to mend our relationship before he passed. It’s always so wonderful when a song can evoke such strong emotions from deep within your soul, I’ve no doubt that St. Lundi and his team put a lot of work into developing this song. Everything is pieced together perfectly, the instruments, the lyrics, the vocals that soften on the most intricate parts of the song. A masterpiece in every sense of the word, it helps the listener go ahead and have a good cry and appreciate the important people in their lives. So, dearest listener, you heard the man - If you love someone, whoever it is, go ahead and say so.

Archie Langley, or as most now know him, St. Lundi, is a singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom. His musical styling is mainly defined by his ability to connect with his audience through his lyrics, voice, and gift of storytelling. It has been said that many fans liken him to Chris Martin, as far as lyricism and vocal ability. Although Langley’s debut was just in 2020, he’s accumulated a massive following and has released countless records since. Langley’s debut album, The Island, is expected to be released on September 20th of this year. He will also be touring starting in August with a tour in the US with Jake Thistle followed by a tour to support the release of his debut album, The Island, starting in October. His online following shows the dedication of his fans to following his promising career with thousands upon thousands of followers across various platforms. Langley also boasts almost 1,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. If you find yourself becoming a new fan of Langley, “Say So” by following him on his socials below!

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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