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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Say The Word" - FROM INSIDE

FROM INSIDE is an energizing pop-rock band making waves in the music scene. From Liverpool, FROM INSIDE is using contemporary sounds and their angst to create a fresh sound for listeners. Their newest single "Say The Word" displays all of these qualities and more. "Say The Word" is an emotionally charged alternative-pop ballad. The song draws inspiration from poet Emily Dickinson, tackling the relatable topic, of feeling like there is always something to fix within our lives. With that, "Say The Word" talks about the importance of words and the impact words have on our life. Thus, choosing the wrong or right words can lead us in either a positive or negative direction.

"Say the Word", while tackling common introspective struggles, is an energizing track. Part of this energy comes from the angst that exists not only in the lyrics but in the music itself. The raspy and loudness of the vocals and shredding of the guitar create this angsty energy that fills the song from start to finish. Underneath the loud angst, there is a melody that hides beneath it throughout the song. This melody works so well for the song as it acts as a grounding force in balancing the various emtoions going on within the song. The melody also creates a hook within the song leaving listeners wanting to return over and over again.

FROM INSIDE is a pop-rock band based in the UK. The members of the band attended the same high school in Liverpool. The school they attended just so happened to also be where the The Beatles had also done their schooling. FROM INSIDE has been on a path in creating a new chapter for their sound. The band's determination and talent is proving itself as their last singles "Let Me In" and "The Right One" have garnered over 60,000 streams, which is only sure to increase. The band has even been featured on exclusive premieres on BBC Radio 1. Both their hard work and determination for a revitalizing sound has led FROM INSIDE in making their mark on the music scene.

Written By Alison Holst


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