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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Scatterbrain" - Emei

Emei’s “Scatterbrain” is what happens when we grab a pen and let all of our intrusive thoughts out on paper. This high-energy track is a relatable anthem for anyone who might not know exactly where their life is heading. Being a scatterbrain can have a negative connotation, but why should it? Having a one-track mind can be boring, and having a plethora of thoughts with no rhyme or reason is what makes life exciting. No one knows what they’re supposed to be doing at all times in life, but that’s when the magic happens. The best journeys begin when we’re at our most lost. It’s easy to be hard on yourself and let the negative thoughts consume you, but having a tornado in your mind means you’ve lived a lot of life, and you’ve learned a lot of lessons; lessons people go their whole lives without learning. When you meet someone who makes your brain pause and helps you catch your breath for even a second, they can become like a drug. They become synonymous with hope for a better life. It’s the same feeling as when you’re driving through a downpour and go under a tunnel; for a moment it’s quiet; for a moment you’re free.

“Scatterbrain” is an upbeat, vivacious track with colorful lyrics. The instrumentals perfectly match what it's like going on in a highly-active mind. You simply can’t help but get up, move your body, and escape for a few minutes. Emei gives us scatterbrains a temporary reprieve where all we are thinking is when we can hear this song again. Emei overlays deep, striking lyrics over a catchy beat that creates the ultimate alt-pop track. Her quick wit and clever intellect becomes abundantly clear with lyrics like, “Sleepin’ in my head like a Motel 6. Hold it all together with a little duct tape.” This is a song for any occasion, whether you need to get up and dance, or roll the windows down, take the long way home, and play this over and over.

Emei is an incredible singer/songwriter who has rapidly built up an army of fans over the past year. She lets the audience get a look inside her head, her world, and she creates hyper-relatable songs for young adults. Emei initially developed a knack for performing from her time competing on Chinese Idol. After coming in third place, Emei began writing and releasing her own music. Her debut single, “Late to the Party”, garnered over 6 million streams and 10 million views on TikTok and Instagram. After the overnight success of her debut EP, End of an Era, we are eagerly waiting for her sophomore EP, and “Scatterbrain” is the perfect taste on what’s to come in this breakout year for Emei.

Written By Grace Chapman



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