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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Season 8" - Elvira Alfaro

Finding love is a difficult journey, and sometimes you get it wrong. You end up falling for the wrong person, even if you thought you had it right. Elvira Alfaro takes a deep dive into this and the feelings that come with a relationship destined for a painful ending. "Season 8" is a heartfelt tribute to those struggling with difficult relationships. Illustrating the metaphor of a sinking boat, Alfaro paints the story of two people knowing they'll have to leave each other at some point. It's a heartbreaking, relatable story of falling for the wrong person and making the excruciating decision to move on. With lyrics like "I'm sorry for the pain, I could have spared you if I'd just left," Alfaro explores the bittersweet feelings of letting go of someone you love, knowing it's for the best.

Though the premise of "Season 8" is melancholy and heavy, the track features a chill pop rock sound reminiscent of the 2000s. Alfaro twists haunting lyrics and melodies with seductive, dreamy synth sounds, creating an intoxicating listening experience. Her light, soulful vocals are captivating, sounding like a combination of Taylor Swift, Zella Day, and Birdy. Giving listeners something to remember, Alfaro builds up to impactful choruses throughout "Season 8," showcasing memorable melodies and pounding drums. For a song with so much heartache, "Season 8" makes falling out of love sound sweet and relaxing—a beautiful release for anyone going through that pain.

Hailing from Sweden, Elvira Alfaro is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter. The young pop artist is an active social media user, often sharing unreleased music and moments from her everyday life to Instagram and TikTok. Caring about staying connected with her fans, she encourages those who love her music to follow her on her socials. Alfaro made her music industry debut with the track, "space" in 2022. Some of her current popular releases include "vending machine," "Antarctica," "little things," and "space." Those who listen to Alfaro also like acts such as BENN, Jonahh, Samuel Nimoson Jr., and Vettche.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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