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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Second Summer" - PAENDA

Electronic pop artist PAENDA released her latest track "Second Summer" to make the hot season last just a little bit longer. With summer coming to its unfortunate end, PAENDA reminds listeners of hot summer nights and tropical weather. Having created this piece on the island of Mauritius, PAENDA uses the inspiration that is all around her in the tropical landscape to create this song. This single is also a step into a new direction that she wishes to take her music in. PAENDA revealed that she has really decided to take her time, and write about topics that truly inspire her. She is a wonderful example of a powerful woman who motivates her listeners to speak their minds and do whatever it is they desire to do.

This tune is nothing short of the perfect summer anthem and is a wonderful send-off for this summer season. As always, PAENDA brings her catchy beats and euphoric sounds with this piece. The song starts out with warm guitar strums and PAENDA'S beautiful voice and begins to pick up in tempo and sound as the song nears the beat drop. This piece has a lot of emphasis on the beats, making the song have a powerful kick to it. This piece takes listeners on a ride as the song switches up the tempo throughout the piece to keep things interesting. Overall, PAENDA succeeded once again in bringing a fresh beat for her listeners to enjoy.

Since 2016, Viennese producer, musician, and singer PAENDA has been constantly working on her own sound, which in recent years has moved more and more from underground indie to mainstream electronic pop. PAENDA started out in late 2017 and caught the attention of music lovers with her debut single "Waves". After that, things started to take off: In 2018, the Austrian Artist got to be the opening act for Pop-icon Jessie J and also performed at various music festivals, such as the Donauinselfestival. When in 2019 PAENDA competed for Austria in the ESC in Tel Aviv, she became internationally known.

Written By Melina Darlas



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