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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Seeing Stars" - Christina Sikora

We all have gone through at least one tough situation in our lives where it can really affect your mental well-being. Life can be hard, sometimes it's almost unbearable; but learning how to cope with your emotions is the only way to achieve peace. Everyone has bad days and we have to push through it until better days come. Christina Sikora’s single, “Seeing Stars” is about having the deep thoughts that come with going through those dark periods in our lives. Those moments can sometimes change you forever. We go through all these rollercoasters of emotions that we’re unable to get out of which can cause problems within ourselves. We all struggle with something and sometimes are unable to control it. You just have to remember that these feelings won't last forever, and it will always get better.

Christina starts the song with her raw vocals which draw you in immediately, with her lyrics being relatable and full of emotion. She delivers her lyrics with a mix of pop-rock and alt-pop soundscape that captures the feelings of being trapped in this whirlwind of emotions. Her strong vocals enhanced the message significantly because of the thoughts she held onto when going through a dark time in her life. The listener can feel sympathetic through her words which shows the true impact of this track. The meaning of the lyrics are told with strength and courage that seems hard to muster up, but the beat assists with it making this song extremely effective and powerful.

Christina Sikora is a 20-year-old independent singer-songwriter from New Jersey. She began writing songs and playing instruments around nine years old. By 14, she performed her original songs around New York and later attended the Berklee College of Music summer songwriting program for three years. She was mentored by NCB Songland’s Monument Records artists: Sam DeRosa, LA pop sensation Wrabel, and Jack Ohlbaum. She’s mainly influenced by the styles of artists: Tate McRae, Nessa Barrett, Jessie Murph, and Chelsea Cutler for relatable lyrics and subtle 80s inspired production. Her single, “I’D HATE ME TOO” gained attention on TikTok and went viral for over one million plays in just a week back in February 2022. Sikora’s song, “Wish I Hated You” that was off her last EP won an award at the SongDoor’s 2021 international songwriting competition in the pop music category. Now, she’s attending Belmont University’s songwriting program in Nashville. She has a lot coming, so make sure to check Christina Sikora out!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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