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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Send Me Your Lover" - Gretchin

It’s difficult to care for a person more than they ever did you. When you want a relationship to work out so badly, it can be painful in the aftermath once they leave. In Gretchin’s latest single, “Send Me Your Lover,” she opens up about falling for someone who didn’t love them as much as they did them, and now she looks at that person’s new relationship with complex emotion. The track is hauntingly beautiful for being about such a tragic subject, and it’s a great showcase of the level of talent Gretchin has. What really helps shape the song is the style of the track which is very reminiscent of that 90s alt-rock sound. Additionally, the lyrical content does an excellent job of carrying the emotion the speaker is feeling. “Send Me Your Lover” is a song you definitely want to play on repeat as Gretchin is an artist with incredible talent you don’t want to miss.

The song starts soft, and that creates a spotlight for the opening line of the song, this sets the tone for the story that the song presents. The song then moves on into a more soft-rock sound, which helps paint the longing the speaker feels. The lyric, “and it’s hard not to regret, all the things that we didn’t do,” stands out because it shows how this relationship ended before it was truly able to grow. It also shows the speaker’s yearning for more time with the other person. During the chorus, we get to experience the beauty of Gretchin’s voice, as it is sweet yet powerful. One thing that makes the song so enjoyable is how it begins to build up and it really helps carry the emotion of the song. That build-up helps explore more of that alt-rock sound that works so well with Gretchin’s voice. After the second chorus, the song bleeds into this large explosion of sound and harmonies and it transitions the song into the closing so well. Overall, Gretchin has done an excellent job with the song and she’s definitely a unique artist to check out.

Gretchin is an artist from London who has been releasing music since 2016. She takes in a lot of inspiration from both artists from her childhood and much newer artists, such as The Cranberries, Phoebe Bridgers, and MUNA. Her style also captures that signature 90s alt-rock or alt-pop sound that everyone loves. With this track, “Send Me Your Lover,” she had the opportunity to work with her brother, Joe. This song is the lead single for her debut EP, which is set to be released this year in autumn. Gretchin is a very special artist that deserves more attention as she has an incredible level of talent.

Written By Chantal Charles


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