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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Sensitive" - moonsea

"Sensitive" comes as indie-pop singer moonsea's first single of 2023 and follow up to her debut single "Lullabye" released in April 2022. The heartfelt track chronicles moonsea's experience with being a sensitive person. Sensitivity does not have to mean weakness; it does not have to mean that you are too fragile for the harsh weights of the world. Through her childhood, adults worried that moonsea's tendency to cry and feel things so deeply would make her life difficult. However, she has come to not only accept, but value her strong ability to feel. With feathery vocals and alt-pop production, moonsea delivers an empowering song that realizes the strength in her sensitivity.

"Sensitive" starts off with moonsea's light vocals singing about how often she cries with lyrics like "I cry at the roadkill on the street" and "I cry when you raise your voice at me" over a keys-laden production. As someone who was sensitive as a child, I could relate to her recounts of expressing empathy and emotions in these moments. The vulnerability in her lyricism shines through with the question in the next verse: "Is it a blessing or a curse / To feel so deeply that it hurts." In the end, she feels empowered within herself and sings, "Don't you know that it's beautiful / To be sensitive." She knows that it can be difficult to feel deeply and to be so expressive with your emotions, but moonsea also recognizes that this can be a bit of a superpower. The warmth and tenderness of this song is so uplifting, especially if you are a listener that can relate so deeply to her journey.

Cecilia Xu, known professionally as moonsea, is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter within the indie-pop genre. She began making music when she moved to Melbourne for university for medicine in 2013, where she released two EPs under her former alias, Sympholily. However, a mentorship in late 2020 with Sophie Payten (Gordi) inspired her to start her new musical journey as moonsea. While she only has two releases out in this new endeavor, she has already cemented herself as a strong artist with an unflinching ability to be vulnerable in her music. She has crafted a tender sound with her latest release "Sensitive" feeling like a hug to listeners. You can keep up with all the latest information on moonsea through following the social media links below.




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