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  • George McSherry

Review: "Serotonin" - Fior

You may know that they aren't for you or even good for you at all. That doesn't always mean your body feels the same way about that one person who makes you feel alive. That tingling sensation that moves up your spine and makes you swallow as your pupils dilate tends not to fall subject to the rules of logic and often throws a wrench in the gears of social expectations. "Serotonin", the fresh new single from Fior, details the complex hold that chemicals have on us and our emotions at the most fundamental levels of our core.

We are greeted at the track's opening with the infectious melody that underpins the vibrant structure before the combination of understated percussion, muted bass, and easy-going guitar enters to provide a welcome depth. "Serotonin" steadily crescendos alongside lush, layered vocals that detail the intimate intricacies of separating logic from chemicals when it comes to how that person makes you feel. The volatility of modern love is reflected in the song's emotional peaks and troughs that range from instilling, energetic choruses to melancholic yet reassuring, low hums in the verses.

Sourcing inspiration indiscriminately from a range of artists (from Stevie Nicks to Michael Jackson), multi-talented Fior produces enchanting pop melodies rife with influence from R&B, rock, and soul music. With a sound that has been described as modern and atmospheric, Fior employs trap adjacent production alongside more classic elements seamlessly, providing a textured depth to her soundscapes. Based in Los Angeles, Zoe Fioravanti started her musical journey in the depths of the pandemic, wasting no time making waves in the industry with tracks produced by the likes of Scott Storch. Fioravanti extends her talents to the spheres of modeling and has graced covers of Playboy Australia and Marie Claire. Follow her journey using the links below and keep an eye out for her upcoming self-titled album.

Written By George McSherry



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