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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Shadows" - Bryce Fox

Bryce Fox Shadows Cover Art

Bryce Fox’s recent single “Shadows” is dark and mysterious, and discusses Fox’s own issues with mental health and living in the present. “We put a tremendous amount of value and importance on being present and thinking about our future,” says Fox. “And as much effort we put on those two things, there’s just as much of our past that either helps or gets in the way of our progress.” Like so many others, Fox lives much of his life in his past, and describes his previous grievances as ‘shadows’ that creep their way into his current state of mind. He wrote this single while he was particularly struggling in this mental state, and it hopefully has brought light to this painful feeling.

To anyone who has felt what Fox has felt, this track is a direct description of the thoughts in your head. He describes these shadows and the feeling they leave as they creep over his skin, as well as the way that they rattle his mind. The sound and overall vibe of this song feels like an early 2000s punk band with a more modern use of instrumentals and techno sounds. In between verses, he repeats the word “shadows”, as the soundscape pulsates and becomes electronic. His chorus expresses his frustration at his inhibition, as he sings “These shadows of old seem to come back around / They battle me rattle me why god now / Hang around like a bad tattoo, I’m black and blue I just don’t know / Will I ever be me without all of these”.

As a Nashville based artist, Bryce Fox classifies himself as an alt-rock artist. He ties in many other genres and influences into his music, and has a similar sound to artists such as All Time Low and Logic. His impending EP The Bomb brings in new topics his music has not covered before, such as his marriage and the recent birth of his son. He credits these two life milestones as events that have changed his point of view on the world and deepened his emotions, and he is excited to have been able to make music that reflects these changes. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from Bryce Fox.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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