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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "Shakespeare Cowboy" - Parris Mitchell

Shakespeare Cowboy is the latest single from the New York singer-songwriter, Parris Mitchell. Dropped last week as part of a bundle with two previously-released singles, Jakky Boy! and Easy Love, the new track is an easygoing and bubbly pop rock song. According to Mitchell, the song is about "[his] exploration into the heart of fleeting love." The titular Shakespeare Cowboy may seem puzzling at first, but this actually makes perfect sense in the context of the song where Mitchell explains that he's not always the best with his words. "I'm not a Shakespeare cowboy/All out of words to wrangle you," he says in one of the opening lines. Mitchell's clever wordplay continues into the second verse with a favorite of mine being "And I'm always stuck in traffic/While you're cruise controlling me." However, the most memorable part of this song was the chorus. Mitchell's crowds will soon raise their drinks in the air to "You don't, you don't, you don't want me/You just want to want somebody."

Anyone who is a fan of Noah Kahan, The 1975, or Post Malone will instantly be able to vibe with Parris Mitchell's laid back summertime style. Shakespeare Cowboy's introduction is very low-key, but seemingly picks up with a rocking electric guitar riff that sounds like how taking the top off of a convertible feels. Mitchell's voice is very unique; I heard a little bit of Adam Levine mixed with some country twang. I guess you can't have a song with 'cowboy' in the title without a little of that. It's hard to imagine any voice but his on this track. He elevates the energy in the latter half with his "Love who you love, who you love/And want what you want, what you want" bridge and brings it back home with the final chorus. This song will keep you uplifted and smiling and honestly, reminded me a lot of Rascal Flatts' 2006 version of Life is a Highway. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years, we hear this one as the final song in a blockbuster movie as the credits roll.

Parris Mitchell's first mass-released single, Bad Place, was released in the middle of 2020 and it was followed by two EPs, the self-titled Parris Mitchell and I Don't Love You, And Other Lies. The latter featured By Now which is the artist's breakout hit and has amassed over one million streams across all platforms. The song Shakespeare Cowboy will be featured on his first full-length LP, The Mixed Emotions Arcade, which is set to be released June 14th. The album will feature 8 tracks and according to Mitchell, it will combine "acoustic ballads, hard rock, and modern synthwave." Over the past year, Mitchell collaborated with producers Jackson Hoffman and Ryder Stuart on the entire album to make sure the project is the best in his career so far. After giving the released singles a listen, I can say I am hyped as all hell for the full album to drop. Shakespeare Cowboy is out now on all platforms and more bangers from Parris Mitchell are on the way.

Written by Jordan Elliott


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