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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Shore" - Carley Varley

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I usually walk away from difficulties in romantic situations. For me, its' always been easier to sabotage potential long-term relationships than to sit through uncomfortable conversations or arguments that in hindsight, could have helped the connection grow beyond stagnancy. The uncertainty kills me - it makes me anxious beyond belief that a self-revelation I'm not quite ready to hear yet might come to light which forces me to react irrationally. Hence, the walking away. But Carley Varley's "Shore" has given me a much-needed push to weather the storms in these situations.

Varley's "Shore" is a ukulele-driven pop song that details a relationship moving into a phase of great uncertainty. The lyrics are a fantastic showcase of strong imagery, metaphors, and plays on words. For example, the opening lyrics for the song are: "Wade, don't leave / Like this". A first-time listener might mistakenly hear 'wait' instead of 'wade', but it's much more fitting to wade - to walk with effort through the water - through challenging times in a relationship. Sometimes these challenges require some verbal disputes for the couple at hand to "make [their] way to shore". Even if they're not sure they would like to keep on trying. But enduring this process will strengthen the bond and emotion the couple shares.

Carley Varley is a singer-songwriter and musician from Hampshire, U.K., known for incorporating diverse Indie elements in pop music. Varley has been honing her vocals, piano, and guitar-playing since the tender age of fourteen. She has always brought her exceptional vocal delivery and stellar personality forefront for audiences to be enchanted, which eventually led to her being recognized for her talents in 2016 in Lymington. In 2019, she released her first EP, 'Captured Memories'. Varley is currently on her second EP, 'Seasons'. 'Seasons' features her songs "Going Under", "Fall", "Miss Me", and of course, "Shore". An acoustic version of "Shore" will release on May 6th on both Spotify and YouTube, so definitely keep a lookout! Until then, you'll have to keep on weathering storms with her other hits.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille


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