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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Should've Been Us" - NEVE

“Should’ve Been Us” explores the heart wrenching narrative of longing for a lost love and keeping it in your memory forever. The beautiful ballad is composed of gloomy lyrics that expose the intensity of NEVE’s broken heart. In the first verse, she describes her experience with trying to move on with someone else, but her mind always goes back to her former partner. She sings, “Am I the bad guy// For holding his hand// Imagining walking with you// Walking with you// Should I be alone tonight// If I’m roaming my mind for memories tryna feel something.” She acknowledges that her heart is not in the right place if she is with someone else but is still picturing her former partner. NEVE brilliantly parallels these lyrics in the second verse with her wondering if they are missing her as well. In this verse she sings, “How’s your new girl// Do you run into ghosts of us in places we never should’ve left// Tell me have you called her my name// And laughed it off// Like a thought of me could ever be an honest mistake.” The contrast between both verses is an excellent example of NEVE’s unmistakable talent. She guides the listener through the emotional story that paints a vivid image of her heartbreak. “Should’ve Been Us” is a clever track that further enhances NEVE’s musical portfolio and highlights her natural artistry.

NEVE effortlessly evokes feelings of sorrow and regret through the mesmerizing production in “Should’ve Been Us”. The track begins with NEVE’s angelic vocals paired with the soft piano that sets the gloomy tone. As the song progresses, a subtle violin is added, further enhancing the ethereal atmosphere. When the first chorus hits, the production intensifies, bringing out the emotional element of the track. Then in the second chorus, a steady synth beat is introduced, wrapping up the track with the powerful climax of the production. Throughout the song, NEVE’s vocals are filled with such a deep passion that the listener cannot help but feel the pain she is suffering. “Should’ve Been Us” is an astounding track that utilizes vulnerable lyrics and a melancholy production to generate strong emotions within the listener, illustrating NEVE’s impressive songwriting.

NEVE is a pop singer-songwriter from Ireland. She has been writing relatable music in her bedroom since she could remember. Her debut track, “guy friends” was released in April 2022, introducing her to the industry. “Should’ve Been Us” marks her 1st single of 2023, and her 8th single overall. Despite making her debut less than a year ago, NEVE has already garnered a large number of dedicated fans. She has 508.6K followers on TikTok and 22.4K followers on Instagram. In this past year, she has gone on tour as a supporting act for Lilla Vargen and has played a handful of small standalone shows. Currently, she is the supporting act for Betty Who on the European leg of the tour.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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