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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Show Me Off" - Jazzy Dale x Dann Dib

Show Me Off Cover Art

Pop newcomer Jazzy Dale just released her latest single, “Show Me Off,” in collaboration with Dann Dib. The pop and R&B-influenced anthem feels reminiscent of artists like Raye, SZA, and Charli XCX. Here, Dale sings about how she wants to feel loved out loud in a relationship — to be shown off. She wants to be cherished, and she sings about how much she loves her partner for doing so. The track was inspired by Dale's relationship at the time with a partner that did not put enough effort in. While she felt loved, she did not feel valued in the way that she wanted. In this track, she explores another reality in which she is properly adored in a relationship, complemented with Dib's perspective on being the one who cherishes her.

On “Show Me Off,” Dale and Dib express their desire and appreciation for being cherished in a romantic relationship. Dale expresses this sentiment with lines like, “Like A-List movies / Waiting to watch me like everyday” and “Ooo when you show me off / That’s all I want / Yeah, I like what you’re doing.” Dib adds to the track with a verse in response to Dale’s lyrics, as he talks about loving to show her off. Together, they form a narrative about two people that are in a relationship built on both love and adoration. The track becomes an uplifting anthem for anyone to sing along with and know that they are worth being loved so loudly and passionately.

Australian alternative R&B singer Jazzy Dale put her first track, "Sneakin'," out in 2020. Since then, she has put out four more singles and accumulated over 2,600 monthly listeners on Spotify. She pens authentic lyricism about toxic relationships and heartbreaks. Dann Dib is a London-based hip hop artist who began releasing music in 2019. He now has reached over 81,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. If you enjoyed "Show Me Off," make sure to check out the rest of their discographies. You can also keep up with all the latest information on Jazzy Dale and Dann Dib by following the social media links below.

Written By Sydney Gray




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