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  • Emily Hancock

REVIEW: “SIRENS” - Ally Ahern

”SIRENS” is a lyrical masterpiece of a song, discussing the topics of trauma and how it effects people and those around us. Past events impact us more than we think, and often times our feelings can be skipped over and made to feel invalid. “SIRENS” opens up the discussion about what it’s really like to deal with traumatic memories in our lives. Ahern‘s single is a song that has the intention to bring hope of healing to those who can relate to having some sort of problem in their lives.

”Please don’t get to close to me/ I’m not ready yet to explain to you…”, were my favorite lyrics in this single. Not only powerful and relatable, but also comforting in a way I felt. So often after we experience something traumatic, people in our lives tend to brush over feelings and have a hard time understanding why we might change or be cautious. I felt like these phrases showed how healing has no timeline. There is no rush for someone to recover or “get better”, our emotions and trauma have their own timeline and it’s okay to not necessarily be ready to talk about it or to resume how your life used to be. I felt like “SIRENS” created a safe place for me in way. Opening the doors to have conversations about these topics and doing so in a way that approaches it not as something to turn away from, but something to embrace and work through.

Songwriter and musician, Ally Ahern continues to bring her fans relatable and heartfelt music. Many of Ahern’s music is a reflection of her own life and personal trials. The young artists likes to share her advice and perspective through the medium of her songs. With powerful vocals and the use of many instruments, including drums, guitar and piano, Ally creates hit after hit. More new releases are in the near future for Ally Ahern, so keep your ears open for more great music!

Written By Emily Hancock



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