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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Sleep Tonight (This Is The Life)" - Switch Disco x Sam Feldt x R3HAB

This song, “Sleep Tonight (This Is The Life)” by Switch Disco, Sam Feldt, and R3HAB, is an upbeat, dance pop song that perfectly encapsulates the energy and sensuality of a night out at a club. Interpolating the international hit “This Is The Life” by UK artist Amy MacDonald, this song tells the story of temptation, and the connection between two strangers dancing around each other all night, both knowing the inevitability of where the night will lead. With lyrics like “Baby, I’m so bad, I’m a real temptation” and “When you’re lookin’ at me with that look in your eyes”, the song builds the tension through the verses, reaching a peak in the chorus with the lyric “Baby, I know, I know where you’re gonna sleep tonight.” 

“Sleep Tonight (This Is The Life)” is a perfect dance song, keeping the energy high and hype throughout the entire piece. On the shorter side, at only a little over two minutes, the song packs a punch in the limited time it takes up, both satisfying you as a listener and also leaving you wanting more. The pace is consistently fast, and the way the vocals feel almost rushed to keep up with the pace creates a frantic feeling that’s perfect for a song of this genre. I could see this song easily becoming a club favorite, with a heavy and hard-hitting beat perfect for a crowd of people all dancing and having a good time! 

R3HAB, real name Fadil El Ghoul, is a multi-platinum DJ and producer who’s become a staple of the dance music industry over the last fifteen years. Boasting over 8 billion streams on his discography, he’s worked on some of the top songs around the globe, including “All Around The World (La La La)” and “Lullaby”, and he’s remixed songs for top artists such as Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Drake, and Taylor Swift. On this track, he collaborates with artists Switch Disco and Sam Feldt. Switch Disco is a UK-based DJ duo, who’ve been working together for nearly a decade, creating unique songs and incredibly catchy remixes. They were recently nominated for a BRIT award for their collaboration with singer Ella Henderson, and will be doing an impressive 21-week residency at Ibiza Rocks this summer. Sam Feldt is another groundbreaking DJ and producer, working with hit artists such as Rita Ora, Kesha, and Tones & I. He not only has worked to redefine dance music’s boundaries and create new sounds for the industry, he is also an entrepreneur and a huge advocate for sustainability, bridging the gap between environmental activism and music.

Written By Morgan Fischer

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