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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Sleepovers" - Sofija

“Sleepovers” by Sofija is a self-empowerment anthem. We don’t need validation from someone else once we find it within ourselves. It’s nice to hear compliments, but it’s better to look in the mirror and see them for ourselves. Love can feel like a checklist. Find someone. Check. Make them fall for me. Check. Get compliments. Check. Go to bed and wakeup every morning together. Check. Convince myself I’m actually happy… Check. Love should not be a forced thing or something we strive to accomplish. It should be organic and real. We should spend time with someone because we choose to and not because we feel like we have to to seem relevant or important in the eyes of society, friends, family, and social media. Sofija takes the ultimate independent stance and says that she is good on her own. She won’t settle for less than what she deserves, which is everything, and I think this is a very important lesson for everyone to comprehend. Sure, you can still crave a good conversation or feeling desired, but pretending to feel a connection is lonelier than being alone. The relationship that ultimately matters is the one we have with ourself. We will never spend more time with anyone than ourselves, so that’s the relationship we must nourish and cherish. Some people just aren’t meant for us, and we have to put them to bed… alone.

The moment this song begins, you feel like you’re drifting away into a dream. There’s a calming energy to coincide with the powerful lyrics. Her words are all the thoughts we think when our head hits the pillow that we hold secret and wouldn’t share with anyone else. This song feels like she’s reading out of our diary. She wraps us in a warm blanket of comfort and lets us know that we are not alone with these thoughts, dreams, and fears. Her lyrics are dynamic and compelling and they lay perfectly over the ethereal track. This is a song you will have on repeat, and it will be a constant reminder to remember your worth.

Sofija is a 24 year old powerhouse. She is a R&B artist from Portland. She offers a fresh perspective to the music industry. Her lyrics are soulful, and her music is catchy. She combines the greatest elements of R&B and Pop to create a unique experience for her listeners. Sofija is a rising talent, and she Is taking the indie music scene by storm. She is wise beyond her years and she’s someone you not only want to listen to, but learn from as well. She’s just beginning her journey, and with her raw talent and captivating energy, she is truly one to lookout for.

Written By Grace Chapman


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