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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "sleepwalking" - senses

Throwback pop-punk single "sleepwalking" by senses is bringing the genre back from the dead and doing it beautifully. The short but sweet track packs a lot of punch and emotion into its short timespan. The production on this track is clear and knows exactly what it is trying to be, and I love it. Normally, new-age pop-punk feels almost embarrassing to listen to, but senses do it in a perfect and genuine way. I appreciate the candid songwriting that is in this song; it doesn't sugarcoat its feelings. It is raw and open and uncomfortable, which is exactly how these negative emotions feel.

My first thought was that this song reminds me of singer-songwriter PVRIS. Specifically, one of her first popular releases was "White Noise." This track tells a story of desperately wanting to feel normal again. You're feeling like you're "sleepwalking," almost like you're running on auto-pilot and in a fuzzy, dreamlike dissociative state. All the stress of life is getting to you, and you are willing to do almost anything to avoid the reality of how you feel. Even if that means doing things that are deemed self-destructive.

This L.A.-based trio has been releasing music on Spotify since late 2019, amassing an impressive 12,500 monthly average listeners despite only having put out five singles. The band performs live shows, and they are as remarkable live as they are on their tracks. They played at AT&T's pride tour in June 2022, which was done to support The Trevor Project, an LGBTQ+ charity.

Written By Emma Kimberli



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