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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Sleepwalking With The Dead (ft. 7evin7ins)" - Rich Delinquent

Rich Delinquent Sleepwalking With The Dead ft. 7evin7ins Cover Art

The new single “Sleepwalking With The Dead” is the product of the electrifying collab between Rich Delinquent and 7evin7ins. The song delves into the world of the inability to feel fully awake and aware, the world of feeling like you’re walking through a portal of your own demise. The song itself is a twisted experimental journey that gives listeners chills from its dark themes of inner despair. The production style of this track paints the image of just how bleak life can feel, and how one can end up digging a hole so deep they can’t get out. Overall, “Sleepwalking With The Dead” creates an eye-opening experience of the inner workings of an individual’s mind and how twisted this space can get.

There’s a lot to enjoy about the creative choices used for “Sleepwalking With The Dead”. We hear production trends that became popular amongst pop music in the 2010s but here we see it being used in a darker and more serious setting. Both vocalists mix so well together as they create a whirlwind of different perspectives in the song’s story. The lyrics cut deep for listeners as a lot of what is being said are emotions we try to keep hidden because of how scary it can be. It can be terrifying to be honest about the pain of existing which is why songs that portray raw emotion like “Sleepwalking With the Dead” are so necessary. This collab between Rich Delinquent and 7evin7ins brought great gifts, and hopefully, we get to see more from this duo in the future.

Rich Delinquent is an artist who has been praised by multiple outlets for his emerging presence in the pop scene. He began his musical journey in 2019 and since then has been stunning audiences with his unique pop style and his raw lyricism. He has been compared to major artists like The Weekend there is clearly a lot of excitement about Rich Delinquent’s creative flow. It wasn’t that long ago that he released his EP, “Here’s To Dystopia” and it shows how great his work ethic is. This collaboration with artist 7evin7ins shows what can happen when you bring two talented artists together to create something so unique. Rich Delinquent is set to tour this summer with artist Jacob Lee across Australia, so his musical journey will only get more exciting from this point on.

Written By Chantal Charles



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